[AI] . ATM cards users of Urban Cooperative Banks to have acces to cash vending

Rahul Gambhir rahulbhai_gambhir at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 13 16:09:02 EDT 2008

The Reserve Bank says ATM card users of urban co-operative banks will have access to cash vending machines of other banks also with effect from  first of

next month.  In a communication to the chief executives of the urbancooperative banks, the RBI said that ATM card users could be charged a maximum of 20

rupees per transaction for withdrawal of money from cash vending machines of other banks. The fee will be abolished from next year. The RBI has also asked

the public not to use banknotes for making garlands, decorating pandals and places of worship.  The central bank in a statement in Mumbai pointed out that

that such actions deface the banknotes and shorten their life.


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