[AI] Captchakiller.com::very useful website for visually impaired!

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This sounds very interesting. But my question is: how can one find the exact 
URL of the image? While creating a GMail account for example? Although we 
can get it in audio, I'm eager to complete the process through Captcha 
Killer, because the audio version is not available in various other 
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> Dear AI Members,
> I got an email in that email I come to know about this wonderful
> website. Please read it carefully.
> Website Accessibility with CaptchaKiller
> Have you ever visited a website and been asked to fill out a CAPTCHA?
> What's a CAPTCHA you ask? Well, its a funny, blurry, textual image
> that prevents robots
> from automating the web. People who are blind or visually impaired
> can't see the image, and can't use the website. Screen reading
> technology can't tell
> them what letters and numbers they need to complete the CAPTCHA
> because the box is an image, leaving them locked out of the site.
> I recently heard about a website called Captchakiller.com and
> immediately went to check it out. With a name like that, I had high
> hopes that it would allow
> me to get around all the CAPTCHAs that are popping up everywhere. I
> can honestly say that if you ever need to use a site that requires
> CAPTCHAs, you will
> love this site.
> "CAPTCHA Killer is 100% focused on increasing accessibility on the
> Internet. CAPTCHA Killer can be used to automatically translate an
> image into the underlying
> text. (CAPTCHA Killer may only be used in accordance with the Terms Of
> Service of each website, please read their agreements.)"
> The first thing you will have to do is sign up for an account. On the
> home page, they have a lot of forum posts and comments, but if you
> look for the create
> an account link, you should have no problems at all.
> Once you have an account, you can upload those bothersome captchas,
> and the site will process them for you. I had a little trouble at
> first, but once you
> realize what they want, it's fairly straight forward. Here's step by
> step instructions for using the site:
> list of 11 items
> 1. Open MS-Word or some word processor like Wordpad.
> 2. Go to the site that has the captcha.
> 3. Find the exact page that has the captcha, and copy the url that's
> in the address bar to an empty document.
> 4. Find the captcha image on the page, and right click on it.
> 5. Choose the save picture as option and save it to your hard drive.
> 6. On the captchakiller site, choose the upload captcha link.
> 7. Paste the page URL (in your document) into the URL field of the
> CaptchaKiller site.
> 8. Hit the browse button on the CaptchaKiller page and find the file
> you saved on your computer.
> 9. After hitting open on the file, hit the submit button on the
> CaptchaKiller page.
> 10. Choose the view CAPTCHAs link on the page, and find the most
> recently uploaded one. It should be the one at the top.
> 11. When you go through the table you'll see your result, beside it is
> what you have to type in to complete the CAPTCHA.
> list end
> This may sound a little complicated, but it isn't so bad once you get
> used to doing it. I'm not saying it's a solution to all our CAPTCHA
> problems, but
> it sure beats getting sighted help every time you need a CAPTCHA 
> interpreted.
> A helpful hint is to keep the CaptchaKiller site, and the site you
> want the CAPTCHA for, opened at the same time. That way, you can get
> the CAPTCHA processed
> quickly and enter it on the site before it expires.
> Click this link to visit http://www.captchakiller.com.
> I hope that it will help us.
> With Regards,
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