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Dear AI Members,
I got an email in that email I come to know about this wonderful
website. Please read it carefully.

Website Accessibility with CaptchaKiller

Have you ever visited a website and been asked to fill out a CAPTCHA?
What's a CAPTCHA you ask? Well, its a funny, blurry, textual image
that prevents robots
from automating the web. People who are blind or visually impaired
can't see the image, and can't use the website. Screen reading
technology can't tell
them what letters and numbers they need to complete the CAPTCHA
because the box is an image, leaving them locked out of the site.

I recently heard about a website called Captchakiller.com and
immediately went to check it out. With a name like that, I had high
hopes that it would allow
me to get around all the CAPTCHAs that are popping up everywhere. I
can honestly say that if you ever need to use a site that requires
CAPTCHAs, you will
love this site.

"CAPTCHA Killer is 100% focused on increasing accessibility on the
Internet. CAPTCHA Killer can be used to automatically translate an
image into the underlying
text. (CAPTCHA Killer may only be used in accordance with the Terms Of
Service of each website, please read their agreements.)"

The first thing you will have to do is sign up for an account. On the
home page, they have a lot of forum posts and comments, but if you
look for the create
an account link, you should have no problems at all.

Once you have an account, you can upload those bothersome captchas,
and the site will process them for you. I had a little trouble at
first, but once you
realize what they want, it's fairly straight forward. Here's step by
step instructions for using the site:

list of 11 items
1. Open MS-Word or some word processor like Wordpad.
2. Go to the site that has the captcha.
3. Find the exact page that has the captcha, and copy the url that's
in the address bar to an empty document.
4. Find the captcha image on the page, and right click on it.
5. Choose the save picture as option and save it to your hard drive.
6. On the captchakiller site, choose the upload captcha link.
7. Paste the page URL (in your document) into the URL field of the
CaptchaKiller site.
8. Hit the browse button on the CaptchaKiller page and find the file
you saved on your computer.
9. After hitting open on the file, hit the submit button on the
CaptchaKiller page.
10. Choose the view CAPTCHAs link on the page, and find the most
recently uploaded one. It should be the one at the top.
11. When you go through the table you'll see your result, beside it is
what you have to type in to complete the CAPTCHA.
list end

This may sound a little complicated, but it isn't so bad once you get
used to doing it. I'm not saying it's a solution to all our CAPTCHA
problems, but
it sure beats getting sighted help every time you need a CAPTCHA interpreted.

A helpful hint is to keep the CaptchaKiller site, and the site you
want the CAPTCHA for, opened at the same time. That way, you can get
the CAPTCHA processed
quickly and enter it on the site before it expires.

Click this link to visit http://www.captchakiller.com.

I hope that it will help us.
With Regards,
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