[AI] Tech Dose of the Day: Formatting Objects Processor (FOP)

vishnu ramchandani vishnuhappy at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 12 06:04:27 EDT 2008

Formatting Objects Processor (FOP)
Dosed by Baskar P (from MphasiS Software Services)
What is FOP?
Formatting Objects Processor (FOP) is open source free
software developed under the Apache’s XML Graphics
project that can convert your XML data into PDF (which
is the primary output target) and many other formats.
Apache FOP is a print formatter driven by XSL
formatting objects (XSL-FO) and an output independent
formatter. It is a Java application that reads a
formatting object (FO) tree and renders the resulting
pages in specified output format. Output formats
currently supported include PDF, PS, PCL, AFP, XML
(area tree representation), Print, AWT and PNG, and to
a lesser extent, RTF and TXT.
FOP uses the standard XSL-FO file format as input,
lays the content out into pages, and then renders it
to the requested output. One great advantage of using
XSL-FO as input is that XSL-FO is itself an XML file,
which means that it can be conveniently created from a
variety of sources. The most common method is to
convert semantic XML to XSL-FO, using an XSLT
Further References
Apache FOP :
XML to PDF? :

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