[AI] Regarding my computer problem

Samuel Rodrigues kr.samuel at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 00:11:08 EDT 2008

If you have any idea please help me.
My computer always nower days is regularly crashing.
When I am doing some work, it automatically crashes.
I have no idea, since I have I guess much fast capacity of ram.
I have a compack computer with 1 GBRAM and 160GB hard disk.
Today, it showed, insert the disk to boot the computer.
But I tried after 5 minutes, and I managed opening it.
Once again it crashed, and the same problem, and there were 3 obtions 
1. Normal start up mode.
2. Safe mode using command.
3. Safe mode using network.
I did not know what to choose, and I just choose, normal and hopefully it started.
What precausions do I need to take?
Is there any way that I can do some thing?
I have 6 drives, and A lot of data, and I wouldn't preffering formating that.
So what could I do?
If you have any idea, please suggest me.
Is there an repair obtion, without removing my system format
I just do not want to loose my data.
I have all the data in other drives, except that I have program files in disc C.
So I would really preffer some suggestions before I start anything.
With regards
kr.samuel at gmail.com
Tel: 918387269932

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