[AI] request for book -capital & money markets

Ajay Dhanak adhanak at gmail.com
Sun Mar 9 12:59:40 EDT 2008

Dear list members,

I would be highly obliged if someone could provide me book/material on :
capital & money markets.

I am pasting below the detailed course content:

Buying and selling securities: Order size, Time limits, Types of
orders, Margin accounts.
•	Stock trading in India – Understanding trading operations in
mainline stock exchanges, NSE, OTCEI, and BSE.
•	Major stock markets in the world, their features and functions.
•	Trading and Settlement Procedure and some common terms – stock market indices.
•	Introduction to derivatives: Futures and Options.
•	Efficient market hypothesis, fundamental and technical analysis,
random walk and efficient market hypothesis.
•	Equity valuation:  economic analysis, industry analysis, and company analysis.
•	Valuation of equity shares, various models for calculation of
intrinsic value, PE ratio and its forecasting.
•	Technical analysis- Dow theory and other theories of technical
analysis, various kinds of charts- Relative strength analysis and
moving average – Oscillators and MACD – Glimpses of advanced technical
tools and Elliot wave theory- Interpretation of charts and decision
•	Money Market: Call money market, Treasury bill market, Commercial
Bill, Commercial Paper, Certificate of deposit, Institutions in Money
Market, REPO transaction, Primary dealers, Money Market Mutual funds.
Players in the money market i.e. viz. Financial Institutions and

Thanking you in anticipation,


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