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  Dear friends,
  I had this useful information with me, it might interest you to receive this.
     Cicero Text Reader  Scans and converts printed documents to synthesised speech and reads them aloud to you.
  Cicero is useful to people, young and old, who are either visually impaired or print impaired, whether technically comfortable or a complete beginner.
  Key Benefits:
   Scan bills, letters and leaflets so you can convert the message into your choice of speech, large print, or Braille.   
   Using a scanner, Cicero works simply by pressing a single button.   
   Very accurate character recognition.   
   If you are a Supernova user, you will be able to integrate with v7 onwards.   
   Choose your own text and background colours to suit your vision requirements.   
   Supports a large number of languages for scanning, reading and software operation.   
   Full Braille support including Grade 2 where supported (EN, DE, NL).   
   Scanned documents can be outputted to your word processor for editing or reading.   
   Save documents and letters so you can read them again later.   
   Supports any Twain compatible scanner so no special equipment required.   
   Self voicing, so no need for any additional reading software. 
  From Scan to Speech
  Cicero effectively takes your computer and scanner and turns them into a reading machine for people with a visual impairment. Printed text documents are placed on the scanner and can then be translated into speech, Braille or simply held as a text document which can be adjusted, saved, edited and printed out.
  Whether at home or in the work environment, this means that your privacy does not have to be compromised: you can read letters however and whenever you choose without relying on other people. Independence is maintained and working practices remain unaffected.
  Easy to use
  Cicero starts talking automatically as soon as the page scan is complete. It is fast, accurate, and easy to use and includes context sensitive help. Start and stop speech instantly with a key press, or browse through a document using the cursor keys. Cicero comes with full lifetime technical support by telephone or email.
  Large Print and Braille
  For those with low vision, Cicero allows you to view your document on screen in large print. You can choose high contrast colours and select your preferred font. Cicero also supports refreshable Braille displays, so that you can scan your printed correspondence and read it directly in Braille. Scanned text can also be exported directly to a Braille translation program for the production of embossed Braille documents. 
  Text Reader
  Read printed material independently and in privacy. Choose high contrast colours. Zoom in and out for large print. Word by word highlight for easy reading. Includes software speech synthesizer for automatic speech. Scans and reads automatically, using Scan Soft Recognita’s 32-bit OCR engine, Single key operation. Export scanned text to your favourite word processed or Braille translator at the touch of a button. Switch languages on the fly. 

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