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Episode 45 of Eyeway Yeh Hai Roshni Ka Karawan can be heard online at 

www.eyeway.org/include/radio/radio.php.  Here navigate down to the heading of Internet Broadcasting and click on the link of the Episode.


The episode could be heard online till 13th March 2008 Thursday morning, before being replaced by the next episode.


in episode 45, we talk to Sheik Mozammel Haque of Pandwa, West Bengal. Mozammel comes from a very small place, and in his childhood his parents didn't let him do anything because he was visually impaired. It was only his initiative, that today Mozammel runs a modest business, has a house of his own and supports his family. 


This time our actor friend Abhinav Chaturvedi would tell us about a real life hero from Germany, who was recognized for his work more posthumously than when he was alive. Looking back into his work of the yester years, Otto Weidt could be rightly called the saviour of the Jews.


Cricket is a passion of many in India and overseas as well. And no problem if one is blind, still one can play the game, apart from enjoying the commentary. Know all about blind cricket from George Abraham. George is the chairman of Association for the Cricket for blind in India and has been the founder member of World Blind Cricket Council. 


So listen and also tell others about this information, inspiration and entertainment packed radio show.  The show is also aired on 29 stations of vividh bharti every wednesday 9pm.


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