[AI] To hell with disability

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"I would love to get in the middle of a bunch of sleeping
Lions and kick the air out of them."

There are less painful ways of killing oneself!

V. Balakrishnan

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>To hell with disability
>I remember I started running every morning and playing football when I
>was in 3rd grade, boxing when I was in 7th grade and athletics when I
>was in 9th
>grade. Running in the morning mist, chill, biting cold of peak winters
>or running through the countryside in scorching sun or in the pouring
>rain or running
>up a mountain, I loved it, I cherished it, I savoured it.
>One fine day I was trying to inch my wheelchair along the hospital
>corridor smelling of dettol and phenyl. Partially working hands, aching
>muscles, hurting
>thumb, it was only a task/job. I didn't dislike it. My wheelchair and me
>are buddies, I have loved being in it. Together we took on the world and
>it had to offer. If a person on two legs passes by I really don't Gape
>at him but when I go in a crowd a few poor leggies gape as if they are
>just witnessing
>an alien invasion of planet earth (not that aliens would really surprise
>me) and I do pray that God should give these poor people some excitement
>in their
>lives so that they have something better to gape at.
>People have two legs and cannot even maintain any decent physical
>fitness are bothered about a guy flying around in a wheelchair, having a
>ball of a time.
>At 22 I was in the army. In a wheelchair I went to college, flirted with
>girls, fell in love a few times, had a few heartbreaks, jobs, bread and
>adventure sports. A few mountains to climb, a few oceans to swim and a
>few jungles and deserts to explore. how the hell could life have been
>any better.
>A lot of people, patients, doctors and scientists, are obsessed with
>finding a cure for SCI (Spinal Cord Injuries). I don't know, I find it a
>very dumb
>and dull topic. Here the world and people are suffering from extremism,
>terrorism, frustrationism, emptyism, depressionism, purposelessism etc
>and here
>we are bothered about a certain physical injury called SCI. I think
>people should desperately need a cure from many other things and
>attitudes before even
>bothering about a cure for SCI.
>If you/society wants me to be weak so that they can empathise with me,
>sympathise with me, pityise with me, sorry you are at the wrong place, I
>am not going
>to oblige. If you/the society is looking for an opportunity to show
>empathy, sympathy or pity, so that you can feel great inside, to hell
>with you. I show
>you empathy, sympathy and pity.
>A drunk person who was finding it difficult to walk straight said to me
>sometime back 'I will pray for you' and I immediately said 'and I will
>pray for
>you (that God gives you some sense)'. Although I know God doesn't give
>you anything. He has already given you the ability to be sensible, If
>you still
>choose not to be sensible, he is not to blame. I am rude, I am straight,
>I am a bully, I would love to get in the middle of a bunch of sleeping
>Lions and
>kick the air out of them. A friend for friends and a tearing tiger for
>those who ask for it, that's me. Now that we are over with the
>introduction, let
>us talk business. "I am not decent/ gentlemanly with problems/obstacles
>in my life. I kick them out of my way."
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