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  Community Support for the Disabled and the Elderly

   (CSDE India) launched


  Introduction to CSDE-India

  A meeting of the like-minded representatives of a few voluntary organizations on 24th February, 2008, led to the emergence of CSDE India. The participants unanimously decided that the aim of the initiative shall be to provide social and community support to the persons with disabilities and elderly, within the jurisdiction of NCT of Delhi. To start with, need-based volunteer services would be provided to the people with disabilities and the elderly. 

  Objectives of CSDE India are:

  1.     To provide Services of Volunteers to the persons with disabilities and the elderly based on their needs and requirements.

  2.     To create a resource pool of dedicated and committed volunteers.

  3.     To conduct training and sensitization programmes for the volunteers.

  4.     To create and evolve sustainable mechanism for Personal Carers Support Services (PCSS) and training of Care-Givers for the persons with disabilities and the elderly.

  5.     Setting up institutional mechanism for above and doing all such activities incidental and necessary to achieve the above objectives.

  Plan of Action

  1.     To identify, initially in Delhi, the persons with disabilities and the elderly who need such services and also the volunteers who are willing to offer their services.

  2.     Compile detailed assessment of the needs of the above users requiring services.

  3.     Arrange short-term training of volunteers.

  4.     Link the volunteers with the persons with disabilities/ elderly after matching the need with the services. Care would be taken that both, the volunteer and the person requiring the services, belong to the same district so that the volunteer doesn't have to travel beyond the radius of 8 kms.

  5.     The volunteers can offer their services free of cost, if they can afford. Otherwise, CSDE would pay the honorarium of Rs. 125/ day for approx. 4-6 hrs. to them.

  6.     Training of Personal Care Givers under the PCSS shall be taken up later.

  How you can contribute
  We respectfully invite all individuals, organizations and institutions sharing the vision to lend a supporting hand by means of moral, psychological and physical support. However, CSDE India humbly requests you not to offer financial contribution as of now. You may contribute by:

  1.     Lending your volunteer services

  2.     Identifying the persons with disabilities and the elderly who need the services 

  Kindly circulate this information in your respective networks to as many people as possible so as to reach out to the target group to create a data pool of volunteers as well as of the people who need such a support in NCT of Delhi.

  Queries, if any, would be immediately answered. The Secretariat of CSDE India is currently at Family of Disabled (FOD), B-1/500, Janakpuri, New Delhi- 110058. Email: csdeindia at gmail.com Please contact Rajinder Johar, FOD at 25597328, 41570140 or Sanjeev Sachdeva, Samarthya at 9871045546
  Those interested to participate, can fill in the attached volunteer form or volunteer seeker form and send it back to the secretariat.

  The project team so far includes: Family Of Disabled, Samarthya, Indian Association of the Muscular Dystrophy ( Delhi Chapter), Develop India Trust, Brotherhood and Nav Anubhav.

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