[AI] Tech Dose of the Day: AddThis

vishnu ramchandani vishnuhappy at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 4 07:08:45 EST 2008

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What is AddThis?
AddThis is a bookmarking and sharing tool available on
the internet. It is a widget that you can embed within
your page to avail of the various bookmarking and
sharing services with the click of a button.
Further info:
AddThis is a button that you may place in your blog,
webpage or site, and your site visitors may use it to
add/share details or bookmark your page through a host
of internet softwares like del.ic.ous, Digg, Reddit
etc. AddThis is very easy to install in your webpage,
and it has add-ins already available if you have your
blog on any of the popular blogging sites like
blogger, wordpress etc.
The main advantage is that it makes your page look
neat, and without clutter if you want to have a host
of various bookmarking services to be available on
your web page. AddThis also provides statistics of how
your readers are bookmarking and sharing your content.
Further References
AddThis home :
What is AddThis? :
Gathering data with AddThis :

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