[AI] Paralysed man in Pak uses nose to host website

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Paralysed man in Pak uses nose to host website 

Islamabad (PTI): A 22-year-old paralysed Pakistani has hosted a website -- keying in its contents with his nose -- to encourage people with disabilities
never to give up. 

"My name is Waqas Ahmed. I was born in 1985 and soon realised that I was not able to use my hands and my legs the way other people could," Ahmed writes
on his website waqasonline.com. 

"I accepted this challenge and started using the computer with my nose. I worked hard day and night to become something. 

"I have now completed my diploma in e-commerce, and now I am a web designer and developer," wrote Ahmed, whose lower middle-class family moved from Balakot
in the North West Frontier Province to Lahore to help him have a better life. 

Ahmed was a normal child till illness struck him when he was five years old and disabled him. Ahmed, who was never admitted to school and is completely
self-taught, now intends to host a special section for the disabled on his website. 

"I want people with disabilities not to give up hope," said Ahmed, whose speech is difficult to comprehend. "If I can do it so can anybody else." 

Rana Taiyab Arfani, a 55-year-old visually impaired man, has already signed into the special section for people with disabilities. 

But Ahmed's website is not his only passion -- he spends a lot of time gardening and likes travelling too. 

"I get seeds of different flowers and sow them in a small plot in front of my house," he wrote on his website. "Whenever I get tired or become sad, I sit
in the company of these attractive flowers." 


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