[AI] converting docx into other formats?

Mahesh Panicker maheshspanicker at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 09:05:07 EST 2008

hi list.
as all of you would be aware of, Microsoft office 2007 comes with the new
format of docx insted of the usual doc. docx do not open in office 07, and
one has to use some converters. even K1000 can't detect the new format. as
of now, I am using a converter, 'Docx to RTF'.
the problem with is that it do not get installed with the system, and one
has to open the exe file all the time o convert. are there any easier
I was using office 07, but it is not quite comfortable with jaws 8. so what
can I do?
looking forward to your suggestions.
with best regards.

Mahesh S. Panicker
room no. 121;
Jawaharlal Nehru university new delhi 110067 india.

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