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Cell phones have now become reading machines in your pocket! 


The new K-NFB Mobile Reader, just introduced, will change the lives of the visually impaired and make them more independent than ever!


The K-NFB Mobile Reader Software can now be installed on the Nokia N82 and using Mobile Speak OR Talks, it converts your cell phone into a Mobile reading machine.


You now have a reader in your pocket! 

Simply take the cell phone and shoot with the phone camera and listen to the contents of the text read aloud in a clear, high quality voice, instantly. And like any reading machine, it has navigation functions.


Though the price listed by the company is US$1595, we have arranged for a lower price for India and for group purchases of 5 licenses, the company is willing to give a special discounted offer. For more details, you can write to me or contact me on Cell no. 9867310297 or 9321539290


I am sure you would want to know more about this fantastic new breakthrough, so here are the details:


K-NFB Mobile Reader
The Mobile Reader Product Line from K-NFB Reading Technologies, Inc. is a major advancement in portability and functionality of print access for blind, vision impaired and those with reading difficulties. 


The K-NFB Mobile Reader Program CD comes with 2 software, The K-NFB Reader Mobile and K-NFB Reader Mobile software, which run on a multifunction cell phone that allows the user to read mail, receipts, handouts and many other documents wherever the user happens to be. This is a truly pocket sized solution for reading 'on the go'. The K-NFB Reader Mobile software has a feature set which is designed for use by blind or low vision users. The K-NFB Reader Mobile is designed for users who have difficulty reading due to learning or language problems. 


K-NFB Reading Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce the latest breakthrough in print accessibility. The Mobile Reader products can be activated and ready to use with the touch of a single button on the phone. The user takes a photo of the print to be read and the character recognition software in conjunction with high quality text-to-speech will read the contents of the document aloud. At the same time, it can display the print on the phone's built-in screen and highlight each word as it is spoken. 


The Mobile Reader Product Line: 


·        Reads most printed documents, from letters and memos to pages in a book 

·        Reads address labels and package information and instructions 

·        Easily recognizes U.S. currency 

·        Displays each sentence visually and highlights each word as it is read 

·        Stores thousands of pages using easily obtainable flash memory 

·        Transfers text files to and from computers or Braille note takers 

·        Adjusts reading speed to suit user's preference. 


In addition, with the use of a screen reader like Mobile Speak or Talks, the user can access the other functions of the phone device including making and receiving phone calls, personal information management such as contacts, calendar, etc. Also contains ability to run accessible GPS programs, access to Adobe PDF files, voice recorder, music player and much more. 


  1.. Operating system - Symbian S60, 3rd Edition, FP1 
  2.. Supported phone models -Nokia N82 
  3.. Supported languages -US English or UK English 
4.      Requires that the phone carrier supports unlocked GSM phones. 

5.      On phone free flash storage - 50 MB required 

  6.. Flash card storage - up to 500 images per GB 
  7.. Memory - 40 MB free RAM required 
  8.. Camera - 5 mega pixel, auto focus with xenon flash required 

·        Training page 
·        Polarizers for camera and flash 

·        Includes printed and on-device help files 

·        Braille available by request


Software Upgrades 
·        One year from date of software activation 


Accessories available for the N82 
·        Accessibility software (Mobile Speak or Talks) 

·        GPS Software 

·        Phone cases 


·        Reading modes for books, articles and labels, bills and memos. 

·        Synchronized text highlighting with output speech 

·        Text navigation by sentence, word, character. 

·        User self-training page for taking pictures 

·        Viewfinder for live field of view 

·        Import/export TXT files 

·        Automatic or manual saving of documents and image files 

·        Automatic screen rotation for portrait and landscape reading 

·        Save settings to and from memory card



You still have more questions, well here are the answers to your questions you may have!




Q1: Is the software downloadable or shipped in a package? What does the package include?

A: We deliver a CD package because it is necessary to apply polarizing filters to the flash and camera lens. The package includes the K-NFB Reader Mobile and the K-NFB Reader Mobile on the same CD. The K-NFB Reader Mobile is designed primarily for use by blind or vision-impaired individuals. The K-NFB Reader Mobile is designed primarily for use by sighted individuals who have learning or reading difficulties. The individual product for installation is chosen at time of installation. 


Q2. What is unique about this software? 
A: It is the world's first reading machine to be contained within a cell phone, providing true portability within a multi-function device. 


Q3. What else do I need? 
A: The user will need to purchase a Nokia N82 cell phone from the local phone Dealer. K-NFB Reading Technology Inc. will make other handsets compatible as they are released.


Q4. What is the cost of the Nokia N82 phone? 

A: The current approximate end user price of the phone is about Rs.21000. 


Q5. Is it necessary to activate the Nokia N82 and use it as a phone in order to use the Mobile Reader Software?

A: No. The device can be used as a standalone reading machine if that is the preferred method. It is not necessary to use the phone features in order to have a working reading machine. 


Q6. Is it necessary to have phone access software to use the Mobile Reader software?
A: No. The Mobile Reader has its own synthetic speech, which operates independently of phone access software. 


Q7. Can I use the new reader as a phone as well?
A: Yes. This is a full-featured GSM cell phone. User will need to activate phone service through their own service provider of GSM connections.


Q8. Will the K-NFB Reader software make my device accessible as a cell phone?
A: No. The user would have to purchase an accessible screen reader such as Mobile Speak from Code Factory or Talks from Nuance to have cell phone features spoken. 


Q9: Does the N82 have other functions in addition to the cell phone? 
A: Yes. It has many other features such as web browsing, personal information management, MP3 player, podcasting and many more. These can be accessible with one of the screen reader packages. 


Q10. Will there be software upgrades and/or new voices available for my Mobile Reader? 

A: Yes. We will make regular updates to your software. Purchasers are entitled to one year of free upgrades as they become available. It will be necessary for end users to register their product with Index Assistive Technologies, India in order to be notified of available updates. 


If you wish to know more you contact me at the following contact details given below.


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