[AI] PDA amendment and UNCRPD

Nilesh Singit singitnilesh at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 29 10:19:36 EST 2008

    Dear Friends of AccessIndia,

A letter needs to be sent to the ministry on an urgent basis askingthem to stall the present amendments and seek more time to consult anddeliberate on the amendments and not only look at the PDA, NationalTrust Act, etc but also the general laws that affect rights and equalparticipation of disabled persons.
Please find below links to a letter written to the MSJE and workingpaper by Prof. Amita Dhanda.
the disability sector needs to relook at the reccomendations sent indec, 2006 with the fresh lens of the UNCRPD and lay stress on Article12 Legal capacity. 

This is an urgent appeal seeking your support.  Please use the draftletter above and fax a copy to the MSJE asap.  Let us inundate the MSJEoffice with our faxes and make them realise that we mean business.

in solidarity

Yours truly,
Nilesh Singit

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