[AI] Excel tutorials required urgently.

Sudhir R (NeSTIT) sudhir.r at nestgroup.net
Fri Feb 29 02:05:44 EST 2008

I need tutorials on the following topics rather urgently.

1)      Creating Databases based on usage

a.       Structure - Process of building a database, identifying fields etc.,

b.      Formatting

c.       Data Types


2)      Common Functions

a.       IF

b.      Sum / Sumif

c.       SumProduct

d.      Count / Countif

e.      Average

f.        Min - Median - Max

g.       Time and date addition and subtraction (ESOP Vesting, experience computing, age etc)

h.      Paste Special etc.,

i.         Usage of filters



3)      Advanced Functions

a.       Lookups (V & H)

b.      Nested IF

c.       PMT 

d.      Range manipulation

e.      Array Manipulation

f.        Multiple formula  etc.,

g.       Mailmerge

h.      Data validation 


4)      Graphs; Charts; Pivots



Highly obbliged if you could send whatever you have to my mail id, sudhir.r at nestgroup.net.


Thanks and rgds



M: 98 472 76 126

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