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Shadab Husain shadabhsn at gmail.com
Fri Feb 29 01:02:50 EST 2008

Hello, everyone, good morning

This is Shadab Husain - a blind man from India. I got the honor of
joining this group a couple of days back - but, for the past few days
I could not access the net properly so today I am introducing myself.
Here goes a little lowdown:

Well, I enjoy reading newspapers and magazines. My hobby is writing to
myself, and I also write for my college magazine - though I do not
give a toss to studies.

A couple of times my letters have also published in the newspapers. I
could not get all of them, but most of them I am furnishing them at
the bottom of this email having their links appended. Please do not
forget to read them.

I also interviewed Mr Danny Bloom who is an American writer for over
30 years and currently writes for Taipei Times in Taiwan. You can read
the interview here

To my joy, recently I have been selected by a company to write for
them, however, I will be earning tinily their in the beginning. I
eagerly look forward to earn by web writing in the near future -
otherwise I aspire to become a feature writer.

I will also be very happy to become an accent trainer as people say
that my spoken English is remarkably good. If there is such an
opportunity then please let it be known to me, I will be deeply
thankful. I am confident that I will impress my boss but for that I
want an opportunity to demonstrate my ability.

I am a naughty chap. I have always bunked classes and I still do not
look forward to attend them! Resultantly, I do not have an impressive
Curriculum Vitae so I have to face a lot of difficulties convincing
others about my skills.

This was my introduction, and by writing it, I am completely before
you: as writing is one's nature and personality.

Before quitting I will timidly ask that why only blinds are allowed in
this group? Come on let in the sighted ones!

Keep the hope fire burning there

Shadab Husain

The Indian media must regulate itself, now

It is shameful that the TV channels have never dwelt on the
discriminatory system of education imposed upon us. Has any news
channel highlighted the precarious condition of blind students? Has
the media ever brought to public attention that they have no access to
libraries? It is ironical that the likes of Shilpa Shetty  get so much
coverage while the real issues are overlooked. What a shame.

All in the mind

The tone of Vir Sanghvi's article Team India (November 21) is truly
humanistic. But it is the duty of common masses to spread harmony
among people who are vulnerable. We should not depend on hypocrites to
make us understand what is in our religion, rather we should try to
stick to the scriptures  and then examine the words. Those who believe
in the Almighty and do good shall have their reward from their Lord
and there is no fear for them, nor shall they grieve.

Clean up your act first

Apropos of Sitaram Yechury's article Mercury rising (January 24), it
sounds ironic when he says the main reason for global warming is the
pattern of capitalist industrialisation in pursuit of ever higher
profits. Wasn't it the Left Front government in West Bengal that gave
hundreds of acres of land to the Tatas virtually free for their car
plant? If the author wants to eliminate global warming, then he should
force the UPA government to look for other energy options like ethanol
or solar energy.

Child abuse

Parents must stop fighting shy of discussing sex with children. They
should also refrain from frightening their children by invoking images
of ghosts, superstitions, etc. Paedophiles prey upon such fears of
children and prevent them from talking about the abuse heaped on them.

Sex education

I do not think the introduction of sex education in schools is wrong.
Children become aware of the subject by the time they are 10 years
old. They become curious about the changes that occur in them. Because
of the conservative culture that exists in our society, they find it
difficult to discuss sex with their parents or teachers. Due to lack
of information and the cultural barrier, many of them become easy prey
of paedophiles. We should always remember that the media power is such
that we cannot stop the youngsters from seeking information on issues
related to sex. It is, therefore, better for the elders to talk to
them frankly and educate them on the subject. The hesitation to
discuss sex in open classrooms can be overcome if women teachers teach
girls and male teachers educate boys. But let us shed the
narrow-minded outlook which has ruined many young lives.

Sex education II

Besides sexual harassment and forced sex, children also suffer from a
sense of fear when they reach adolescence. They cannot communicate
their fears and many become depressed. Suicide by a 14-year-old girl
who began to menstruate and feared that she had a sexually transmitted
disease, prompting Edward Chad Varah to start the Samaritans — a
hotline to help those contemplating suicide — is a case in point. It
is the government's duty to make sex education part of the curriculum
to avoid such misinformation and restrict child abuse.

Quiet is healthy
(Sound pollution)

That the government is not paying attention to the menace is well
known. But even the people do not seem to be worried. We can make a
beginning by following the old lifestyle. We can stop using vehicles
to cover a small distance; refrain from the use of loud horns; and
stop bursting crackers and playing loud music during marriages and
festivals. Among us are children and animals who cannot even express
their trauma.

The media's methods

Restrictions on the media will impact on the freedom of the minds of
people. We should support the media for highlighting the truth. With
corruption at all levels in society, the media remains our only hope
to convey our concerns to politicians.

Just a smokescreen

Karan Thapar deserves praise for exposing the foul play. That the
Health Minister is shelving the implementation of the pictorial
warnings on tobacco products fearing he will lose votes in his
constituency is regrettable. The presumption that skull and
cross-bones will be offensive to Muslims is hypocritical.

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