[AI] Where to file a complaint against Airtel and NDNCR? leagle advise required.

amar jain amarjain2006 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 03:00:47 EST 2008

Dear AI Members,
I did register my Airtel's number for National Do Not Call Registry on
22-12-2007. And according to the rule all promotional calls should be
ban with in 45 days. But still I am getting Airtel's promotional calls
for caller-tunes. I informed to the customer care, they noted my
complaints 2 3 times but nothing happend. Then I wrote an email to:
helpline at ndncregistry.gov.in
They forwarded my email to:
try.ndncregistry at yahoo.com
But nothing happend. Now whenever I call to the customer care
regarding this matter they simply disconnect my call or just say that
sir, we have noted your complaint and this will not happen in future.
Whenever I ask for the complaint number they disconnect my call. I am
tired, and according to the rule I should not get any calls. Because I
registered from my cell and I don't have any info about the email
address which customer care gave for my number's registration, I can't
make a complaint on the website. And I didn't find any form for
registering the cell number. But I know that we can register. Now what
is the next step I can take? I have all the information. I have my
registration number, that email which I sent to the NDNCR.
Waiting for the advise.
With Regards,
MOBILE:+91 9929 87 9006.
EMAILS:amarjain2006 at yahoo.co.in
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