[AI] Any accessible software by which we can play piano on PC?

Vedprakash Sharma vedprakash.sharma at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 08:19:49 EST 2008

in cakewalk, cool edit pro, etc there are instruments' options. but these 
are not accessible with jaws. therefore, the better option is to connect the 
synthesizer to the cpu with a midi chord. for this, the synthesizer used 
must have the midi channel facility. thus, you can control the soundcard 
with the keyboard of the instrument and can record sound files in mid format 
also. many softwares like the sound forge cool edit pro, nuendo etc support 
this feature.
hope this helps

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> Dear AI Members the great!
> I am looking for any accessible software by which we can play piano.
> Actually I want to record my songs but connecting synthesizer to PC is
> not a good idea so I am looking for the accessible software which
> provides good instruments and the cord system. Here cords is a
> technical word in music's language. So please suggest me any
> professional piano software.
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