[AI] Interview with the co-founder of the Ability Foundation.

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As a resident of Chennai for 30 years, I have had the privilege of
meeting Jayashree and have even contributed for her magazine. But
wondering how they have missed out Revathi --the actress famous for her
flic fir milenge-- who has been lending her studios for recording
Ability's audio-zine. However, I don't know if it is still recorded from
her studios. 


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"We want to promote the "I Can" attitude among people."


February 26, 2008

C K Ranganathan, CMD , CavinKare talked to Business Standard about the
recently held Employability Fair, the Ability awards and his
relationship with the
Ability Foundation

You are known as the sachet king ever since your company pioneered in
marketing goods in sachets. How did you get associated with disability,
and what led
to the formation of the Ability Foundation?

We were always doing stuff for social welfare but were not focussed on
disability. The story of the foundation started when I was a tenant of
Jaishree Raveendran,
the founder of Ability Foundation.

She told me one day that she could start a magazine for the disabled if
she had Rs 25,000. I immediately handed her a cheque and she was
surprised. She
said she hadn't asked for money.

But I said good things should not be delayed. Then we kept discussing
the magazine and we felt that a foundation would be even better. So, the
Ability foundation
was formed in 1995 and I along with Jaishri and Thankavel became the
founder members.

So it is not a CSR foundation of CavinKare?

No. Both are separate. While I founded the company, I am a founder
member of the foundation and I fund it substantially. But the funding is
part of our

How much do you finance annually?

About Rs 4 crore (Rs 40 million).

The Foundation is now known for the Ability awards and the Employment
fair it organisers annually. Why did you decide to move the job fair for
out of Chennai to Delhi?

This is the first step after we started the fair in 2004. We now want
the fair in all the metros and then in smaller towns. Why should people
from far off
places take so much pains to come all the way to Chennai or Delhi for a
job? It will mean that the funds would have to go up several times.

What kind of jobs are usually offered in this fair?

These are all white collar jobs. We want to expand it to include blue
collar jobs as well from next year.

What is the response?

There are about 70 companies taking part in the fair each year. This
year the new entrants included Microsoft, Coke, Pepsi, Mahindra
Consulting, Maruti
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How do you identify winners for the Ability awards?

We have a team verifying applications across the country the whole year.
It is part of our strategy to promote the spirit of 'I Can' as opposed
to 'I cannot'.
This year for instance, one man with no vision got the award for running
a centre for physiotherapy that is now helping hundreds of disabled in
It is an example that can inspire even the able-bodied into doing more.

The award which started six years ago is like a catalyst for change in
attitudes. If it makes one man change his mind about himself, our day is

You sound more like a social worker than a businessman. How do you find
time for all this from your successful business?

Many people watch TV in their spare time, Some others travel. For me
this work brings happiness.
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