[AI] hello everyone

Harish Kotian harish at accessindia.org.in
Tue Feb 26 12:02:48 EST 2008

Hi Rambabu

It could have happend for 2 reasons:
1) Some Members having yahoo domain get automatically unsubscribed. This is 
domain specific problem.
2) You had not checked your mails for 2 months, as a result, your mailbox 
got full and mails thereafter got bounced. The AI mailman server 
unsubscribes members face excessive mail bounce.
Both were true in your case. I suggest you get yourself an account with 
GMail or other domain.


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Subject: [AI] hello everyone

> Dear Friends,
> Warm Regards,
> I hope that this mail finds you all in best of your
> health and progress in your work and studies.
> If anyone of you had wondered about my whereabouts for
> the past three months, I have a very long answer.
> To begin with, as I had mentioned in my mail in
> november, I joined Tiss Mumbai on 28th november. For
> the past two months or so I didn't have any access to
> net. Now, the institute has provided me internet
> connectivity in my office and a new computer.
> As I had not checked my mails for all these days,
> there were some shocking surprises awaited me. Yah!
> somewhere in the mid December, there had been a mail
> from the Accessindia list asking me to renew my
> membership in the mailing list. As I had failed to do
> so, there was no further mail from accessindia list
> till 22-02-08. As I was browsing through my old mails,
> I was shocked to come across the above mentioned mail
> and I understood the reason for the absense of A.I
> diggests. However, I immediately reregistered and
> henceforth started recieving mails from the list.
> Well, I hope now I can be in touch with you all. I
> could not follow the proceedings of the past two
> months. Still, I do not understand that why my name
> had been removed from the list.
> Well, all's fine here. I am settling well here in
> Tiss. Mumbai is really interesting.
> Though very late, I still wish you all very happy and
> a prosperous 2008.
> With regards,
> A.Rambabu,
> Phone: 09969747312
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