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Learning to Create PDF Documents and Learning Acrobat

This is a 4-part fee-based Webinar series starting March 11 and running for=
4 weeks.  The presenter is Karen McCall who has published an electronic=20
book on creating PDF and who is one of Adobe's beta testers.  Karen also=20
has a solid grasp on the importance of creating documents using structure=20
and understands how to use that structure to enable the author to readily=20
transform that document to different file formats and keep its=20
integrity.  For those in the know, this is normally called=20
"repurposing".  The series will also highlight how to create documents that=
are fully accessible to users of special software for people with=20
disabilities.  The ability to make a document once and yet repurpose it to=
different document types and use it repeatedly in different places and ways=
is a time-saver.  You can read more about this Webinar series and register=
online at 

The 4 weeks will cover:

March 11: Week One: Getting Our Bearings
=B7       What is tagged PDF?
=B7       How does it make PDF documents accessible for people using=
=B7       What does a Tags Tree look like?
=B7       Creating a tagged PDF document from Microsoft Word
=B7       Creating usable links
=B7       Adding Alt Text to images
=B7       Logical document structure/custom headings
March 18: Week Two: Tagging and Repair Tools
=B7       What are the tools in Adobe Acrobat to tag and repair documents?
=B7       Highlight Content
=B7       Find Tag from Selection
=B7       Accessibility Checker
=B7       TouchUp Reading Order tool
=B7       Fit Text to Selection
=B7       Legacy PDF
=B7       Add tags to document
=B7       Creating Bookmarks
=B7       Strategies for easy navigation
March 25: Week three: Intermediate Techniques
=B7       Repair topic: Adding Alt Text to Images
=B7       Images as links
=B7       Repair Topic: Creating Links
=B7       Priority of tasks
=B7       Recognize with OCR
=B7       When to use it
=B7       What will it do?
April 1 : Week Four: The Next Step
=B7       Tables in PDF
=B7       PDF from other Microsoft applications
=B7       What other elements need to be accessible [not included in this=20
=B7       Forms in Adobe Acrobat, LiveCycle Designer
=B7       TIF to PDF

Online registration is below the series description on the Webinar page:
*** These will be recorded for subscribers to review at their leisure.

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