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rambabu adikesavalu rambabu_arb at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 26 08:49:50 EST 2008

Dear Friends,
Warm Regards,
I hope that this mail finds you all in best of your
health and progress in your work and studies.
If anyone of you had wondered about my whereabouts for
the past three months, I have a very long answer.
To begin with, as I had mentioned in my mail in
november, I joined Tiss Mumbai on 28th november. For
the past two months or so I didn't have any access to
net. Now, the institute has provided me internet
connectivity in my office and a new computer.
As I had not checked my mails for all these days,
there were some shocking surprises awaited me. Yah!
somewhere in the mid December, there had been a mail
from the Accessindia list asking me to renew my
membership in the mailing list. As I had failed to do
so, there was no further mail from accessindia list
till 22-02-08. As I was browsing through my old mails,
I was shocked to come across the above mentioned mail
and I understood the reason for the absense of A.I
diggests. However, I immediately reregistered and
henceforth started recieving mails from the list.
Well, I hope now I can be in touch with you all. I
could not follow the proceedings of the past two
months. Still, I do not understand that why my name
had been removed from the list.
Well, all's fine here. I am settling well here in
Tiss. Mumbai is really interesting.
Though very late, I still wish you all very happy and
a prosperous 2008.
With regards,
Phone: 09969747312

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