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Fridge Googling
contributor : Shivaraj ME (Mphasi S Software Services)
What is Fridge Googling?
Fridge Googling means Running an Internet search based
on some or all of the contents of one's fridge,
looking for a recipe based on those contents.
Further Info:
It is all about making the contents of your fridge
work for you, with the help of the Google search
engine! Type some ingredients you have around into the
Fridge-Googling Search Engine, include the word
"recipe" for good measure and Search. Be amazed, as
the world's most popular search engine saves your
meal-time with a vast range of recipes featuring your
culinary left-overs!
This is what appeared in "The Guardian", October 21,
2004 - Last week on a particularly bleak night I idly
Googled salmon, cabbage, bacon, leeks and cumin — and
there it was, fourth one down; a salmon and cabbage
triumph obligingly delivered to my laptop by a company
called The Recipe Place. I even had the whipping
cream. Half an hour later and the fridge was empty,
there were bite marks on the plates and my wife wanted
to know where this sudden facility for good food had
come from.
The practice of fridge-Googling is already simmering
nicely — one US-based internet site refines the idea
by inviting surfers to search for vegan, Atkins or
diabetic platefuls when they enter their fridge
contents on their special "Cookin with Google" page.
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