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Subject: DAISY Planet for February 2008

Dear Members, Friends and Supporters of DAISY,

The February issue of our monthly newsletter, "The DAISY Planet",  is now on
the DAISY Web site at:

The four Feature Articles cover a wide range of topics and are packed with
information. Part 2 of Tom Dinning's "Your Stories" should simply not be
missed (Tom is with the Northern Territory Education Resource Centre for the
Vision Impaired in Australia). Please also take a few seconds to go over a
section of the Planet that you may sometimes not read - "How You Can Help".
There is no link from the index to this section, and it is at the very
bottom of the right column (below "Letters to the Editor"). One of the
points listed is the requirements gathering for the next DAISY Standard -
the deadline is March 31. 

Please keep the Planet in mind when you next realize that you, your
organization or someone you know has a 'story' that others will find
inspiring, interesting, or just plain fun, and send your stories to us for a
future issue of the Planet. 

Let us know if the DAISY Planet is what you want it to be. Is there an
article you really found interesting or helpful? Your contributions,
submissions and inquiries help us to keep the DAISY Planet going. Thanks to
everyone who has written to us over the past seven months.

Please forward this email to everyone you know who may be interested in
reading about DAISY and the DAISY Consortium.

All members of our mailing lists receive "The DAISY Planet". 

Kind regards to all,
Lynn Leith,
Head of Information Services and  Administrative Support, DAISY Consortium,
lynn.leith at gmail.com, 905,304-9398, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada

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