[AI] JAWS Compability with Vista

Manish Agrawal magrawal at sapient.com
Sun Feb 24 09:09:38 EST 2008

I use jaws 9 with vista business.
 It works ok mostly. However, it doesn't deal very well with the new
transparent windows introduced in vista and sometimes ends up reading
the contents of the window behind the one in the foreground (specially
with the jaws cursor). Sometimes, the alt+tab combination is stuck and
rotates between just 2 windows.
I seem to get a blue screen (crash) more frequently with jaws running.
In windows explorer, it is sometimes tricky to navigate because jaws
seems to loose focus.
There are a few other minor irritants that I don't recall right away.
I updated the install with the latest release for 9.0 recently and
haven't worked with it much to see if any of the above have improved.


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Jaws version 9 works very well with Windows Vista.  Most of this
is from second-hand sources.  However, I briefly tried Jaws on Windows
and did not face any issues.


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