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Dear friends, 

A few months ago there was a meeting convened in Mumbai wherein it was mentioned that some of the LIC policies are not allowed for blind friends.  On behalf of NAB Mr. K. Ramkrishna, Mr. Pravin Dandia, Mr. Suhas Karnik and I met Mr Agarwal, the Executive Director, Actural Department, LIC and presented him with our concerns.  Following is the correspondence which is selfexplanatory.  I am extremely sorry for not posting it earlier.




May 18, 2007



Mr. G.N. Agarwal,

Executive Director(Actuarial)

Life Insurance Corporation of India

Yogekshema, Jeevan Bima Marg,

Nariman Point

MUMBAI 400 021.


Sub: Our meeting dated 13/03/2007


Dear Shri. Agarwal,


It was indeed nice meeting you on the 13th of March'07, we were quite touched by your special interest and kind consideration towards the blind.


In the said meeting we had discussed  a few issues regarding the policies of L.I.C. towards its blind clients.  Enclosed please find copy of the note which we had presented to you on that day.  May I  request you to kindly look into the matters raised therein and reply us suitably to allay our apprehensions in this regard.


Looking forward to your communication,



Yours in the cause of the blind,





Asstt. Director







March 13, 2007


Mr. G.N. Agarwal,

Executive Director(Acturial)

Life Insurance Corporation of India





At the outset let me thank you on behalf of the National Association for the Blind-India, for promptly granting us an appointment to discuss certain issues pertaining to the blind community.


We would like to draw your kind attention to the following points


  1.. In endowment and other schemes of LIC, blind people are charged extra premium. We concede the fact that the amount of premium is determined by the perceived risk.  However, it is our humble opinion that there is no statistical data to support this "high risk "  perception.                                                      
2.     Some of the Policies like "Jeevan Anand" "Jeevan Mitra" Jeevan Chhaya" etc. offer double and triple accident benefits/life cover which is not allowed to the blind.

  3.. Some of your excellent policies like the "Janashri" for un organized labour are also not available to the blind, although the majority of our blind community is engaged in un organized sector.

We would request LIC, to kindly take a more equitable view of the requirement of this community and allow us the maximum benefits that may accrue from Insurance.


Looking forward to your kind co-operation


Yours in the cause of the blind,



Hon. Secretary



(Mono LIC)                             Life Insurance Corporation of India


Actuarial Department, Central Office, "YOGAKSHEMA", Jeevan Bima Marg, Mumbai 400 021.

Tel: 022-66598370/22852174, Fax: 022-22028321 

Ref. Actuarial/PS                                                                                  14th July, 2007 

Shri Ketan Kothari

Asstt. Director

National Association for the Blind

Mulla House

51, Mahatma Gandhi Road

MUMBAI 400 023. 

Dear Sir, 

Re : Insurance cover to blind persons 

We thank you for your letter dated 18th May 2007 enclosing a copy of your earlier letter dated 13th March, 2007. 

Regarding the points raised in your enclosed letter we have to inform you as under: 

1.                  It is not correct that we do not allow some of our plans such as Jeevan Anand, Jeevan Mitra, Jeevan Chhaya etc. to the blind persons. 
We do not have any restriction with regard to plan and term for the insurance cover.  The only requirement is that the person to be insured should be gainfully
employed which is one of our basic requirement for all whether they are disabled or not disabled.

2.                  It is also incorrect that Janashree Bima Yojana is not available to the blind persons.  It is a social security group insurance scheme
and provides insurance protection to persons below poverty line and marginally above poverty line provided they are members of the approved occupational/vocational

3.                  It is also not correct that we charge extra premium while offering insurance cover to the blind persons. 

We hope the above clarification will serve the purpose.  If you have any further points, please write to us. 

Thanking you again, 

Yours faithfully,



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