[AI] Need help with computer notes.

Mamta mamtabc at accessindia.org.in
Fri Feb 22 13:03:38 EST 2008

As a part of my T.Y.B.A syllabus, I have one paper on Computers, If any one can please do help me finding the following materials,
1. I require a write up On How to Open/creating a new document/saving/save as/print/using the page setup dialog box/setting up margins/ Closing/exiting In word excel and PowerPoint.
I need step by step instructions for (Notes purposes) to study..

2. Currently We are using the 5th Generation of computers.
I require the write up on the generations of computers, basically the history, How it came in to existence, and everything from the first generation till today that is the 5th generation.

your any and all help is highly appreciated.
many thanks
business associate (TCS).

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