[AI] IT sector starts shedding its differently abled resources.

Shadab Husain shadabhsn at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 03:55:07 EST 2008

Dear Harish sir and others:

Thank you for your emails.

Agreed in order to "prove candidly discrimination is Practiced" is
very difficult but not impossible. I have a plan which would look
childish - however I am confident that if anyhow we managed this then
our target will fell as a house of cards. Besides this, I presume that
we do not have enough options either.

In the recent passed I heard a bit of the programme "Citizen
Journalist" on CNN-IBN English. To give a sketchy outline - the foul
play is recorded in a camera by the common folks and sent to the
channel which they broadcast (understandably after the approval of the

I understand that for us gathering a proof like this will be a
Herculean task, but we can do this by arranging a rendezvous for this
covert shooting. This, I feel, should not entrap only a single
company; but we have to hunt down several preys because if we targeted
only a single company then others would become vigilant and after that
reaching them will be beyond us.

I have repeatedly said that being handicaps we deserve more than
others from the nation. Mr Subramani has rightly pointed out that we
do not have a strong votebank and therefore we are being pushed aside.
Let us use this weakness as our strongest point, because this will let
others know that how Praetorian the Indian realpolotik is.

We will need a lot of money to arrange for trained cameramen etc. in
which the Human Rights firms might help us because if we put our
project before them, they will feel that they will earn a lot of fame
in helping the disables. They will come in the limelight because this
will be an operation which will not only push the emotional button,
but since never has such an operation engineered so it would grab the
freedom of minds of the whole nation. Government also bestows a lot of
prizes on such initiatives - though this would be a bit skirting from
what I said earlier - but anyhow, it is so.

I am sorry if my plan is airy-fairy. But by the list postings I
presumed that there isn't any shrewd plan coming up so I thought I
might wrongly make a little difference.


Shadab Husain

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