[AI] Biodegradable laptop, low-power TV

Shadab Husain shadabhsn at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 00:49:00 EST 2008

The silver bullet represented in the piece to allay the environmental
threats is encapsulated in these three words "Renewable", "Recycled",
"Reused" and the notion of innovative environmental-friendly
technology: ideas which besides being ineffective are hokum in my

Perhaps the news itself has indicated the same thing in these
sentences: "scientists have questioned whether it will make any
difference since the corn-based plastic is mixed with a
petroleum-based material" And "Using corn reduces the amount of carbon
dioxide emitted during its creation by 15 per cent, but it does
nothing to minimise the toxicity of the computer's internal workings."

There was not even a single word suggesting limiting our use- nothing
on practicing frugality; nothing to adopt a simple lifestyle. These
westerners would go round and round around here and there everywhere
and come back to find the silver bullet for saving earth in the
Gandhian principles which always shunned ostentation and embraced

I couldn't understand this sentence: "Part of Nokia's approach is
based on research which shows that huge amounts of energy get wasted
because people do not switch off their handsets after charging." Any
explanation? Shadab Husain

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