[AI] JAWS Compability with Vista

Punit Diwan punitdiwan at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 13:19:21 EST 2008

Dear Members,
        I just called Dell for laptop enquiry. They informed me that there are very few laptops  which now comes with Windows XP. I will have to pay higher if I wish to go for Laptop with Windows XP. 
    I want to ask is JAWS version which most of us using are compatible with Vista? Are we able to access each and every feature of Vista right from simple navigation to system administration using our JAWS? I have also heard that a particular JAWS version 8.4xxx does not work with vista and raise errors like Unknown function call. Is it true?
    Note I need laptop for my development purpose so I cannot tolerate unstable system. That is why I am carefully considering these issue.
    Waiting for your expert comments. You can also reply me off the list. Thanks in advance/
Punit diwan

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