[AI] the MiLeap Ultra Mobil PC and the vOICe

Pranav Lal pranav.lal at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 09:34:00 EST 2008

Hi all,
apologies for the cross posting.
Today, I tried the MiLeap PC with the vOICe.  I am happy to report that the
vOICe works with the MiLeap PC.  I tested on-screen image sonification as
well as zooming.

The MiLeap PC was running Windows Vista home premium and I did not have
compatible drivers for my WebCam to test.  Interestingly enough, the MiLeap
PC has a built-in WebCam.  This WebCam however was not picked up by the
vOICe.  I did not do much tinkering at that time to get the built-in WebCam
working.  In any case, we would need to use an external WebCam since the
idea is having a headmounted setup.

Jaws for windows also worked flawlessly on this computer.  Mind you,
installation took a fair amount of time but after that, things went ahead
without a hitch.

The MiLeap PC I tested costs approximately 30 5000 rupees.  There is a
version that costs approximately 17,500 rupees.  This particular version
does not have windows preinstalled.  It comes with the Linux operating
system and has an 8 GB hard drive.  I was unable to test this version with
the vOICe.

As things stand now, however, I will not be going in for the MiLeap PC.
This is because of the comparatively large size of the computer.  I would
like to have something that I can fit into my pocket.  The MiLeap PC does
not come close to this.

The MiLeap PC weighs 980 grams.  You really don't feel it even if you carry
it around.  I did find the volume to be rather soft but then again, since I
will be primarily using headphones, this was not a significant issue.

As of now, I have a six to eight month wait.  There are other manufacturers
such as Samsung who are coming in to the Indian market with pocket sized
Ultra Mobil PCs.


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