[AI] Delhi univ. colleges need Physically challenged lecturers!

Dr. Vipin Malhotra malhotravipin at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 21 05:25:41 EST 2008

Dear friends
Those who are interested in teaching at delhi
university with requisit 
qualification in Commerce and English could contact
me. There are several 
colleges who are looking for physically challenged
candidates to fill up 
reserve posts in the colleges.
with regards,

Dr. Vipin K. Malhotra
Delhi University Physically Challenged Teachers'
Association (DUPHCHTA),
Deptt. of Political Science, Sri Aurobindo College,
Delhi University
<duphchta at yahoo.co.in> <duphchta at gmail.com>
Mobile: +91-9868-177-335.
Email: <vipin.malhotra at gmail.com>

Skype Id. vipin.malhotra

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