[AI] IT sector starts shedding its differently abled resources.

Shadab Husain shadabhsn at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 04:17:09 EST 2008

I will be happy if I made a tiny point here - but please excuse me if
it turns up to be a platitudinous.

I understand that no media outlet is independent and totally truthful.
All of them have inclinations towards one or the other political party
and, these political parties are being propped by these MNCs, as I
believe that they provide huge donations to them. (To tell truly it is
the Deccan Herald which I read for a few times and found out to be an
independent newspaper.)

Mr Sudhir R wrote about a great company who is boasting that it is
employing handicaps - but the foul play is going on behind the
smokescreen of goodness.

Now I will timidly say that we should look forward to find out that
which party does that company support, and then examine the policy of
such a newspaper or TV channel whose policy is against that
party/company to make it public. It is very likely that any media
outlet will bring this issue to public, because actually it would be
having its own interest in it.

I presume that it is only the media which can bring a dramatic change.

It will sound selfish, but practically, being sincere and weak means
that first you will be an exploitative thing and then an expendable.
What a holy shit!

I will be happy to learn if my idea was a crackpot one.

I thank Mr Subramani and Mr Abu Yusef for their comments. I also thank
Harish sir and Raju sir for the Kurzweil letters. Shadab Husain

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