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Chaodhari, Sanjeev IN BOM SISL Sanjeev.Chaodhari at siemens.com
Thu Feb 21 00:45:12 EST 2008

Dear friends


Yesterday while traveling I realize that name of the tower is replace by
"sms to ckt for cricket update on so and so no. rs 3" or something like
that from sell info. 

It was not limited to single tower it was in Mumbai.

I spoke with customer service. According to them it is not an issue. It
is done by system and they can't do anything. 

If I have to submit more feedback to them then I can write to them at 
assist at vodaphone.co.in

Needless to write its usefulness those who use mobile screen reader
while traveling. Now the question is weather it is limited to Mumbai
only or all India problem. Are the other operators behaving in the
similar manner?

Realizing power of my complaint, but at the same time realizing
individually I cannot bring change I am writing this mail to you. 

Please give your feedback.


When you don't have any choice, you have a choice to work hard.


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daarshnicsanjeev at hotmail.com


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