[AI] IT sector starts shedding its differently abled resources.

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It's indeed a nice point, but our economy is growing largely due to the
private sector and if the government has the real resolve to impose
regulations on them is a question that needs pondering. For the sake of
comparison, the government has been taking a softer stance on
Genetically Modified Crops in India, despite serious concerns
(environmental and health) being expressed by NGO's and farmers --who
are not only the stakeholders, but also the largest work force in this
country. If their fears and uncertnties can be ignored for the profits
MNC's bring, we can't expect the government to support persons with
disability, who are not a strong voting block.





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I am afraid if I am skirting from the real issue.

Yes, it is a vox populi that government jobs are better than the
private jobs; but would it not be better if we try making the private
sector jobs more reliable and dependable for blinds?

I presume that our senior members should shine light on the question
that how can we secure our rights in the private sector, because if we
get a foothold there, then besides government jobs we will have
another viable option to look forward to.

I will be happy to learn if this was a crackpot point.
Shadab Husain

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