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Dear Kanchan, 
How can you forget the contribution of National Association for the Blind, (NAB) India. The presence of NAB in the meeting has made a big difference. The points which you could not push have been dealt by me and got them unanimously accepted. The contrubution of Prof. Mittal and Shri. Bhaskar Mehta was significant. The points which you have missed to mention here are as follow: 
1. The extra time will not be termed as 'extra' hereafter. It will be treated as a compensatory time. 
2. The 20 minutes per hour will be minimum, any examining body is free to grant more allowance if it feels so. 
3. In the assisstive devices we have also added Braille slate
4. For low vision candidates who could write their own examination paper but cannot read in normal front shall be given a reader. 
To put in the proper perspective, the policy will be forwarded to Ministry of Human Resources and Development (HRD), for its approval, however, it shall be applicable to institutions governed by Central Government. The S.J.E. Ministry is going to invite opinion from other stakeholders also, before a final draft.As education falls in the concurrent list, states will have to frame their own policy. 
However, I feel that no state will adopt a policy which is contrary to the National Policy. 
Suhas Karnik. 
> From: kanchanpamnani at hotmail.com> To: accessindia at accessindia.org.in> Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 07:15:13 +0530> Subject: [AI] The Policy> > Just like to report that we had a good meeting yesterday in Delhi. > the recommendations are as follows: > 1.Candidate has the discretion to appoint his own scribe> 2. Extra time of 20 mins per hour of exam> 3. no fetters on qualification of Scribe. This is the best - no junior problem, no stream problem, no marks problem. > 4. Alternative Formats as suggested in my draft plus audio. > 5. All equipment as suggested in my draft. > 6. the details of the technology hardware and software to be used will be put in an annexure. Here I will re send Manish's points.> Basically everything accepted. I did not fight about extra time of 30 mins. Everyone felt that 20 mins per hour was fair. Any loss of time will also be compensated. The biggest achievement is on no fetters on Scribe chosen by candidate and multiple scribes. this battle took nearly 1 and half hours. these recommendations will be the minimum to be provided some Examining Bodies provide better facilities like Pranav has suggested they can continue to do so. > > Now the whole process starts. it will be recommended to the Ministry then maybe another 2 sittings and discussions. then it will be implemented at the Center and we will have to go back to each State to ask them to implement it. > It is ironical but the fight started in Maharashtra and then went to the Center and now we will have to go back to each state finally to achieve uniformity. > Closure is far but the steps have started. > I would like to thank Mr. Sisodia who started this battle and then got me involved, every accessindian for sharing and contributing and the Xaviers Resource Centre for the Visually challenged in Researching and actually battling it out with the Authorities.> this topic can now close for a few days till I post the recommendations as and when I receive it.> I guess by 2009 exam season we should have everything in place. Thanks once again > Kanchan > > To unsubscribe send a message to accessindia-request at accessindia.org.in with the subject unsubscribe.> > To change your subscription to digest mode or make any other changes, please visit the list home page at> http://accessindia.org.in/mailman/listinfo/accessindia_accessindia.org.in
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