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Dear friends

At the outset first let me thank you all for your complimenting messages on our winning the Radio Duniya awards 2008 in the Social Responsibility Initiative.  Thanks for your continuing support and feedback, which helps & encourages us to improve our delivery.


Coming to the content of episode 42 which you can listen online-

Anything done with full interest, determination and with full focus, can even do turnarounds. One such example is Vikram Dalmia of Kolkata, who turned his father's loss making business in to profit making, when he took over its reins. In all this one finds one more thing that blindness is just another characteristic of Vikram, and which is not a hindrance in whatever he wants to do. Listen to this man, the mettle in whose voice matches his personality.


Patrick Henry Hughes is yet another achiever. He is a determined young boy,who despite being born blind and, crippled  has the courage to achieve anything he sets his mind on. Patrick Henry Hughes is a pianist of high esteem.  Actor Abhinav Chaturvedi tells us more about this young boy of 19, who is much better off than many at his age.


Listen to a beautiful piece played by our accessindia friends Vishal Jain and Amit Jain of Bangalore.  Amit and Vishal are brothers, studying in 2nd year B.Com and are up and coming artists. This instrumental piece is played by them using a keyboard and rhythm pads. Check out their website http://vishal.hello.googlepages.com/ to hear more of them. 


When you are passionate about something, you would do it whatever challenges come your way. There are a few people who are blind but they were really interested in the field of journalism, and they did it. In this episode 42 we also bring you a report about this field of work and how people with visual impairment are doing it.


So listen and also tell others about this information, inspiration and entertainment packed radio show.  


Episode 42 of Eyeway Yeh Hai Roshni Ka Karawan can be heard online at 

www.eyeway.org/include/radio/radio.php. Here navigate down to the heading of Internet Broadcasting and click on the link of the Episode.


The episode could be heard online till 21st February 2008 Thursday morning, before being replaced by the next episode.



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