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>  Hullo members, this is the topic wich I wold like to share among
> you. So enjoy reading.
> How to dress for success
>  Studies have shown that we pass judgment on new people we meet
> within the first thirty seconds. So I don't need to tell you this is
> Not a lot of time to make a good impression.
>    Your communication and the way you present yourself are crucial in
> formulating that first impression, so you want to make sure you're up
> to par.
>  If the image you want to project to the  world if that of the
> switched-on savvy, and successful woman, so what should you ware to
> work?
>  Let's divide in to two extremes-creativve and conservative. At one
> day of the spectrum you can face each day as if you were going to a
> fancy dress party. At the other end, there's the more mature,
> formalized  world of "the professionals".
>  For most of us, workware falls somewhere between the two extremes.
> It's all about authority-call it power, influence and presence-how
> much of it you have, and how much of it  you'd like to have.
>  Here's some pointers to help you dress for success:
>  1 Dresss Like you Are In Charge if you dress like you're in charge,
> you'll feel like in charge and in control and others will see you that
> way.
>  Nothing says, "I'am the one you need to talk to" quicker than a
> dark, well-cut suit. Note: well-cut does not include a shapeless box
> with two sleeves and buttons. Remember, therre's a fine line between
> looking tailored and looking like you're front-desk at a car rental
> company.
>  2 Keep It Low Key
>  color is fine for the office, but don't overdo it. Leave colored
> suits for newsreaders and politicians and save the color for the
> piecies underrneeth the jacket. Perhaps a twin-set is appropriate in
> one office, while nothing less than a tailored jacket in another. What
> you wear and how youwear it will speak volumes about your
> professionalism.
>  3 Don't Be A Distraction
>  meer clear of clothes, jewelry and accessories that will cause a
> distraction. You want the focus to be on you, not   what you're
> wearing.
>  That means jewelry that jangles is a no-no, as are big, chunky
> accessories like bangles and chandelier earrings. Sexy, slinky little
> numbers are notgoing to enhance yourprofesssional image, nor are
> sundresses, sandals and strappy stilettors.
>  Express your personality with a vintage hatpin on your jacket lapel,
> a beautifull piece of jewelry or a quirky scarf. You can wear a tight
> top under a well-cut suit and look sexy without looking like  a sex
> bomb.
>  The must-haves includes  classic watch, stylish handbag and
> fashion-accurate shoes.
>  4 Wear What Looks Good On You
>  today's corporate wear is flexible enough to allow for most body
> shapes. There are so many beautiful versions of feminine suiting these
> days so there's no need to look severe or like a member of the boy's
> club.
>  Choose designs that flatter your figure and colors that flatter
> yourskin tones. Well-cut trousers in a dark shade suit most body shape
> and tailored jackets comes in a range of styles to suit apples, pears,
> string beans or whatever shape you're in.
>  5 Rememberleave Home Without Checking
>  a professional image is as much about the details as as it is about
> the overall image. Never leave home without checking for runs in your
> house, ensure your nails are manicured, yourhair is n3eat and
> yourshoes are clean and scuff-free.
>  Dress For Succcess Pointers:
>  Many companies are refashioning their dress codes and encouraging
> their staff to promote a successful, professional image by adopting a
> corporate wardrobe.
>  If your company doesn't have a specific dress code, one of the best
> clues is to look at what your superiors are wearing and dress for the
> job you want, not the job you have.
>  Dressing for success doesn't mean you have to forego your personal
> style. Simply remember the all-important fashion rule, no matter what
> the occasion: you wear the clothes-don't let your clothes to wear you.
> -- 
> Mukesh Jain
>  email: mukesh.jain57 at gmail.com
>  mobile: 09977165123
>  "happiness and joy are the wealth of prosperous life"
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