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Hi Friend,

In call center, a different software is used.  It is
known as CRM that is, Customer Relation Management. 
JAWS does not read the contents of the screen.  I
think we have to search for scripts which would enable
JAWS to read efficiently.

In that software, the Customer Care Executive enters
the details of the customer and gets the elaborate
details of that particular customer; for example, If
we call Airtel Customer Service, they will ask our
mobile number and our name.  As soon as they enter our
number and our name, they get details about our plan,
tariff, validity of the sim and so on.  I gave a deep
thought whether visually challenged can work in the
field.  Customer Care Executive speaks to the customer
and reads the contents on the screen simultaneously. 
On other hand, we have to listen to JAWS as well as
the customer.  The solution is to get script for JAWS
and braille display.  We can read the contents of the
screen by using our hands and talk to the customer
simultaneously.  We have solution but people have to
realise it.

--- RAJ VASWANI <rajvaswani2007 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello accessindia,
> I have some queries related to VI persons regarding
> call centers.
> I'd like to put up these queries among you with this
> hope that I'll be able to get the appropriate
> replies.
> 1. Are those software's supported by jaws which are
> used by the call centers for various purposes?
> 2. How does a VI customer care officer handles the
> system while talking to the caller?
> I mean, for registering the complaint, for providing
> the required information by the customer?
> Any help/suggestion will be highly appreciated.
> +919312251593
> rajvaswani2006 at gmail.com
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