[AI] my techshare experience

Pranav Lal pranav.lal at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 09:31:09 EST 2008

Hi all,

Like many of us on this list, I had the pleasure of attending techshare
India 2008 on fourth and fifth February.  I have to complement Barriorbreak
Technologies on this initiative.  Things were extremely well organised and
the quality of volunteers was almost outstanding.

I had a hard time choosing which session to attend.  I wish we had had more
information on the sessions.  Having been a presenter I know that abstracts
of presentations were solicited by Barriorbreak Technologies.  It would have
been good if these abstracts were made public.  This would have allowed me
to better decide which sessions I wanted to attend.

The experience zone was a good idea.  I particularly enjoyed the Cross
disability experience I received both in the experience zone and in the
session on troubleshooting accessibility.

As a presenter, I wish I had had a lapel microphone.  I was extremely
surprised to be limited to a hand microphone or a tabletop microphone.  The
advantage of a lapel microphone is that one can maintain a constant distance
from the microphone and be free to move around.  I had a knowledgeable
session chairperson who introduced me accurately and was able to chime in
whenever required.

I wish we had had more vendors but I suspect this will be taken care of at
subsequent conferences. Interestingly, some of them were surprised when
people offered to buy things from them. 

As for equipment, the Care  Text all had the most interesting equipment.  I
particularly liked the idea of a talking battery charger.  <chuckle I also
enjoyed meeting some of the people such as Steve Bennett who I had heard on
various podcasts.

My most memorable experience was being guided by a deaf volunteer.  At that
time, my brain jammed and I had no means of communicating with her.  (Never
mind the fact that my mobile phone nestled in the pocket of my jacket and
texting is routinely used by the deaf to communicate with people).  She was
a skilled navigator and was able to guide me successfully across an
entrance, board an elevator and finally find me a seat in a hall.  I still
wonder what her name was.


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