[AI] strange problem with k1000.

Viraj vkafle at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 00:33:56 EST 2008

I have faced such problems even in earlier versions and have been unable to 
come up with definite solutions. However, one can try the following:

1. Switch to Fine reader engine if one is using RTK or Scansoft.
2. Try switching to Grey Scanning mode.
3. Click Edit Corrections in the Tools menu, press Add, enter the word as it 
is being recognised, such as, odier, and press OK. Now enter the correct 
word, (other in this instance). Edit all other words that often gets 
misrecognised in the same way. But sometimes this can result in the 
replacement of actually correct words with wrong words. For instance, if the 
program learns to recognise all di as th, then actual words with di will 
also be converted into th (like the word die will be converted into the). 
However, what one can do (though it does not guarantee 100 per cent success) 
is to enter the entire word in the edit corrections list, instead of letter 
combination, for instance, odier and other instead of di and th.
4. One can also try the Replace All command (control H). But here also one 
should be careful to replace the entire wrong word instead of letter 
combinations, else one will get wrong results. one can try enabling the 
Match Whole Word option in the Rplace dialogue box.

One can never hope that issues wil be resolved for good through these steps, 
but one can always try.

     Please note that the menu commands described above are based on version 
9. Look around if version 11 has different menu arangements.
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> Hi list.
> I am facing a strange problem with Kurzweil1000 version 11. when I scan a
> document, the letter combination TH gets recognized as DI. for EG, the 
> word
> that gets recognized as diat.
> what can be the sorce of this particular problem? how can it be addressed?
> looking forward to your suggestions.
> thanks in advance.
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