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Abbo Usef wael_syntax at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 16 20:20:16 EST 2008

Hello Farhan,

seems you will give your attension to your own group!
ha? smiles!

when you send a question to a group, and you find no
answer then put one of the following into your

1. the group messages are too many so, your message
carrying the question might have been lost among the
so many messages sent from the group moderator.

2. Your question is off-topic, and consequently,
nobody could be answering it.
3. nobody has an answer to your question, so it is
illogical that all subscribers send a reply sayng they
don't know.

check your quotation pasted at the bottom of your
messages, and follow it.


--- FARHAN <m_farhanahmed26 at yahoo.ca> wrote:

>     Hi Folks,
> I'm now unsubscribing myself from this list.
> Actually nobody want to give answer of my question
> so i thought i might be leave this list.
> Anyhow, My time to this list was wondering. And I'll
> miss my all friends like Amit, Ashish, Shiv, Sanjeev
> and etc etc...
> But if anyone want to contact me, instead sending to
> this list, send to.
> m_farhanahmed26 at yahoo.ca
> m.farhanahmed26 at gmail.com
> or add this id.
> m_farhanahmed26 at hotmail.com
> or yahoo as well.
> Ok and enjoy your life.
> Regards,Farhan.
> "I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do
> everything, but still I can do something; I will not
> refuse to do something I can do."
> Warmest regards, Farhan.
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