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                  Dear Friend,
                  I just traveled to Mexico to attend the opening of our new Center for Education and Social Change.  How inspiring to see the difference Seva is making in the lives of people there!  Look for news and photos about it coming soon.

                  Enjoy this eNews - it's filled with stories about the work you make possible. 

                  Mark Lancaster, Executive Director    
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                                The Biggest Smile Ever 
                                At a mobile eye camp in a mountain village in Nepal, a young mother has cataract surgery and sees her baby for the first time!

                                Photographer Jon Kaplan tells the story about his recent trip.
                                Read more >    
                                Clean Water, Bright Future 
                                The people of a poor rural community in northern Guatemala recently celebrated their new water system - thanks to Seva supporters like you!

                                With clean, safe water comes better health and new hope for the future.
                                Read more >    
                                Natural Villages  
                                "Once you start that first house, it can become a village," says community activist Leola One Feather. 

                                Seva is helping Native Americans at the Pine Ridge Reservation build a model of affordable, sustainable housing.  
                                Read more >   
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                              Music CD to Benefit Seva 
                              Haley Ackerman's new CD, The Healing Stream, is being sold as a benefit for Seva's Diabetes Wellness Program.

                              Supporting Women Leaders 
                              An innovative program in Guatemala helps Mayan women develop the skills they need to build a better life.  

                              Singles Charity Ball for Seva 
                              Bay Area singles groups host The Singles Charity Ball, Saturday, March 1, in San Francisco to support Seva's Sight Program.
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