[AI] access to face book

Dinesh Kaushal dineshkaushal at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 14 02:33:44 EST 2008

I have just started to use it and can suggest only one way out, I had faced
a problem at the initial stage of usage that during performing various
operations, I could not know the response of the action that I had

I.e. when I had confirmed someone, I still saw the link for confirmation.
Then I tried the old screen reader technique, to refresh the buffer. So if
one is in virtual buffer of jaws, pressing insert + escape will update the
jaws buffer for the webpage.

It seems they use some in-place upgradation of the webpage, so a screen
reader does not realize the change.

Dinesh Kaushal

blog at 

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Hi all,


I would appreciate help from anyone who knows how to navigate through the
various aspects of face book. I am on it, signed up by friends,  but get
completely lost when responding to mail on it or performing any functions
like confirming friends, accessing the various links etc. 


Thanks in advance


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