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sriram kalyanaraman sriram_tkr at yahoo.co.in
Thu Feb 14 01:07:50 EST 2008

  Please find below an initiative of making the buildings freindly to the disabled. Kindly send your feedback on the mail below.
  K. Srirm 

sriram kalyanaraman <sriram_tkr at yahoo.co.in> wrote:
  Sounds great. Some thoughts on the same:
  1. I will send this to the blind person's mailing list (Access india and get comments from a wide range of disabled people . 

  2. Each floor should be accessible by ramp or lifts (not just ramps.)
  3. A shore line for visually impaired persons should be implemented. (For instance, pavements.
  4. There should be places where people with visual impairment can know when to cross the road in traffic lights, like Singapore.
  Best wishes,
  K. Sriram   mericai Narayanan <narayanan at icmindia.com> wrote:
                Gentlemen,     I am attaching here with the minutes of the meeting on a project initiated by Venkatsubramanian under the INODA banner.  The objective of the project to start with is to facilitate the buildings in and around adyar/tiruvanmiyur  to be friendly to physically challenged people including for the elderly.     The attached professional minutes prepared  by venkat is self explanatory.  I may have to be out of town this Saturday. However my office is open and the meeting will take place under the leadership of venkat on 16th Feb 3.30 pm at Tiruvanmiyur.     I invite you in joining tis new project initiative of INODA.     Ameicai V. Narayanan           MEETING MINUTES            Project Name:    Ramp Up : Making Chennai  City Disabled Friendly       Date of Meeting:  (MM/DD/YYYY)    9 / Feb / 2008    Location:    Mr. Narayanan’s residence Thiruvanmiyur    
          1. Purpose of Meeting      1.       Provide an Overview of project  and current status
  2.       Discuss specific accessibility needs for disbaled in public places & work places 
  3.       Discuss support groups and forums available for disabled in developed nations and understand gaps in the Indian scenario
  4.       Arrive at an action plan and objectives for the project
          2. Attendance at Meeting  (add rows as necessary)        Name    Organization    E-mail    Phone        Americai Narayanan
    narayanan at icmindia.com
      Venkata Subramanian
    Matchbox technologies
    venky.matchbox at yahoo.co.in
    98847 61354
      Dr. Padmanabhan
    Retired Head Dept of Clinical Toxology (Resident of Germany)
    drkp1indogerman at gmail.com
          3. Meeting Notes, Decisions, Issues         Background : Please refer to attached email note from Mr. Narayanan and the approach note circulated
  ·         Venkat outlined contacts made with organizations serving the disabled, and specically the Shakti Foundation (http://www.theshaktifoundation.org) which is involved in making public buildings disabled friendly. 
  ·         Narayanan suggested to focus on areas in and around Thiruvanmiyur area (Adyar, Indar Nagar, Gandhi Nagar, Besant Nagar, Valmiki Nagar) as this is where we have immediate influence and impact
  ·         Narayan would bring in additional people from organizations where he currently has influence :   FUNA (Federation of UN Association) , Tamilnadu handicapped Society , Social Welfare dept (Ms. Poongodhai) etc.,
  ·         Narayana suggested that we can involve associations for elderly as well, to understand their needs . It is possible that in several cases there would be an overlap.
  ·         Some questions  which need further research 
  o        Is there a National or International Disabled person day ? 
  o        As per Indian Disabilities Act 1997 , is it mandatory for builders to make buildings accessible ?
  ·         It was outlined that nxt weeks session would need to involve a wider audinece – particularly
  o        lawyers (to interpret the legalities in this issue) 
  o        architects / builders ( bylaws and design considerations for accessibility  in modern buildings )
  o        Corporates (sponsorship , volunteers) 
  ·         Dr. Padmanabhan outlined facilities and structures available in Germany for the disabled. Namely ,
  o        There is an umbrella organization for ALL individual disability specific cells , which has a powerful lobby and voice at various govt. and corporate bodies
  o        There is a state mandated reservation for jobs at corporate and govt. sector. Penalties are imposed for poor show
  o        each political party has a disbaled people cell, which acts as the party’s spokesperson in issues related to the handicapped
  o        Govt. funds are available for projects and initiatives targetted at handicapped welfare
  o        Healthcare systems cover all forms of handicaps and very comprehensive and adequate
  ·         Though India may be a long way off, these are good stretch targets to keep in mind 
          4. Action Items   (add rows as necessary)      Action
    Assigned to
    Due Date
      Survey key buildings in locality and prepare initial approach report
    Venkat, Padmanabhan
    13th Feb 08
      Discuss with agencies which would be intersted to participate in this initiative and invite them for next weeks meeting
    14th Feb
      Research/Talk to disabled people to understand issues and needs and incorporate in approach note
    15th Feb
      Research/Talk to architects on bye-laws
    15th Feb
      Talk to corporates with offices in  this area for support (funding or volunteer time)
    15th feb
          6. Next Meeting      Date:  (MM/DD/YYYY)
    16 / Feb / 2008
    3.30 PM
    Mr. Narayana’s residence Thiruvanmiyur
    ·         Follow-up discussions on the project
  ·         Identify buildings which are on critical list and come up with remedies
  ·         Team building & delegation of tasks

  ----- Original Message ----
From: Venkata Subramanian <venky.matchbox at yahoo.co.in>
To: America Narayanan <narayanan at icmindia.com>; drkp1indogerman at gmail.com
Sent: Tuesday, 12 February, 2008 1:03:04 PM
Subject: Meeting Minutes - Ramp Up project

Hi ,

Please find attached the meeting minutes held last week. Feel free to review/comment and circulate .

Dr. Padmanabhan and myslef are planning to go around this area on Wednesday to study, take pics and prepare a report on the accessibility status of key buildings . 

Initial sample target list is this . Feel free to add/suggest : 

Office buildings : 
Tidel Park
RMZ Millenium park 

Public Recreation :
Guindy park 
Gandhi Mandapam

Shopping :

Schools :
'The' school ?

Colleges :
IIT (already has ramps in several buildings)
Anna University

Movie theatre :

Temple :
Madhya Kailas
Arupadai Veedu
Besant Nagar Pillayar temple

Apartments :
Ambika appalam complex

Restaurants :
Pizza corner adyar
Murugan Idly Kadai 

Public transport :
Spl. vehicles for disabled and senior citizens 
Pavements, Signals and Road signs at key junctions 


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