[AI] Spice and the Braille Phone / People's Phone

Per Reisender at online.de
Wed Feb 13 14:37:24 EST 2008


I havn't read about this topic in this list and it could be interesting for 
some of you. Spice from India announced a Braille phone for blind people. 
The following is from a Blog (source at bottom):

... very interested in Spice Mobile's low-cost phone for the blind. The 
"Phone for the Visually Impaired" is a very simple,
voice-only phone with a braille keypad. When you press a button, it speaks 
the number, and when you press the call key, it speaks the number you 
It has ten speed dials, and it could retail for less than $20.

Spice reps at the show said they're in touch with various advocates and 
charities for the blind, and could produce the phone in European, American 
or even CDMA models, covering the globe. If it's sponsored by a charity, the 
phones could even be free.

Voice phone calls are probably one of the most blind-friendly technologies I 
can think of, so it's very surprising to me that Braille phones with voice
prompts are so few and far between. Samsung released one in China in 2006, 
and Samsung phones in general can be set to speak everything they do, but 
low cost of this model could get a lot of blind people across the globe 

Spice also showed the "People's Phone," which is like the Braille phone but 
without the Braille. The displayless People's Phone will retail for $10-20 
India, said Spice product development head Anuj Nangia.

Removing the display helps the People's Phone avoid the fate of the MOTOFONE 
F3, a black-and-white-display phone produced by Motorola that didn't sell as
well as expected in India. A display raises expectations of text messaging 
and multimedia, where removing the display (and pricing the phone at $10) 
it clear this is just a voice device, Nangia said.

"It's like the olden days, when we had fixed lines with no display," he 


Best regards, Per

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