[AI] My apologies

Shadab Husain shadabhsn at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 10:55:11 EST 2008

Dear brother Amit and others,

God knows that I am deeply sorry to write this letter. I can sense
that there is some sort of disagreement going on with my writing among
the list members.

I am sorry that I respond very directly to everything and my
vocabulary isn't formal either. I think that I am being indirectly
suggested to be civilized by some of the very good and unbiased
members of this list, and they deserve my heartfelt gratitude.

The problem is that I only read newspapers and it is rare that I study
for my college. I am really catching on with that direct style which
is certainly wrong for this group which has several elegant and
literate members. However this isn't a proper excuse for my mistakes,
and, I really need to bring some etiquettes. Besides, being a
journalist for several years Mr Subramani is so refine at his writing.

I do not harbor ill for anybody.

I am also very embarrassed to tell members equal my age and junior
than me to study routinely because I do not want to be in the list of
those who naughtily influence their friends. Yesterday also I told

Lastly, if I really am too ill-mannered at my writing, then please
tell me, I can quit Access India.

Your friend

Shadab Husain

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