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Abbo Usef wael_syntax at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 11 14:31:40 EST 2008

Basic programming is a course of an introduction to
programming, sometimes they include programming
language such as VBasic or C#, or even java, but it is
not necessary to care languages,
it is the idea of getting into programming concepts.

concepts like:
object oriented programming vs. procedural
what is a compiler, and interpreter.
variables, arrays, functions, conditionals,
parameters, etc.

go for the course, and feel free to send whatever
questions you feel you need an answer to them.

you may join the upcoming group for blind programmers.

to subscribe send a message to:
blindProgrammer-subscribe at yahoogroups.com

I'm a moderator there, and I may send any relevant
programming or web related answers and/or shares.

--- Samuel Rodrigues <kr.samuel at yahoo.co.in> wrote:

> I dont know whether the message has reached the
> members, but this message is available in the access
> india archives.
> I am pasting it again, and if anybody knows please
> introduce yourself to me.
> I have also made my obtion that I receive my own
> mails and I did not receive it. So here is the
> message.
> Friends,
> As I started studying B.COM I had taken computers.
> Now I have heard that they will be begining basic
> programming.
> Could anybody explain what does it mean?
> Does jaws support basic programing?
> On the begining I thought Basic programing means
> some thing regarding Visual Basic but some told me
> that it will not be in Visual Basic.
> If any one knows Basic programing could you please
> tell me?
> Samuel.
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