[AI] How do I increase my fluency in spoken english?

Subramani L lsubramani at deccanherald.co.in
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As someone who teaches English (to my Japanese friends as hobby), I have
understood certain things: 

. English learning need not be formal. You can make use of interactive
materials on the net or spend time speaking English with friends. 
. What you need basically is confidence. For eg: when I was learning
Japanese, I had no fear in making mistakes (especially during my private
conversations with native speakers). Make mistakes as much as possible
with those who can speak well and who can correct you.
. Don't just copy the accent --learn things like the exact pronunciation
of each letter, word and sentence. Another secret about English Language
is that the rhythm patterns (stress on syllables, words and sentences)
are different from our own mother tongue and so, it is important to
master the stress and pause pattern. 
. Learn the phrases and idioms --aspects of the language that makes it
rich. If you use things like 'throwing down the gauntlet' for instance,
which incidentally means throwing a challenge to someone, the scope and
range of your communication would expand and you would surely feel the

Hope this helps.


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Dear friends

My intuition tells me that most of us are quite "OK" at our written
english, although some of us (like me) make errors not often while
writing. But well-educated guys and gals  like us ought to speak
fluently without stuttering and fumbling with the words. Otherwise what
is the use of our other elegance, especially in this "englishified"
world?  Absolutely nothing. 
As is the case, all of us who are undergoing this very problem would be
greatful to you if you could share your known expertise and techniques
which would set us going and growing in this regard
With best wishes
Syed Imran
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